Taken from interviews by Swedish blogger Robex Lundgren & Nick Hardie of Moor FM


Where are all band members from and who does what in the band?

Lead Vocals: Drustan Durman (The Rake) Exeter

Keyboards/Flutes/Autoharp/Backing Vocals: Mel Hadland (The Rose) Okehampton

Percussion/Interesting Instruments: Rev JD Hadland (The Reverend) Okehampton

Violin/Viola/Flute: Dominic Wolfendale (The Wolf in Fop's Clothing) Winkleigh

Cello: Hannah Willson (Buttercup) Exeter

Double Bass/Violin/Viola: Tina Bennett (The Duchess) Clovelly

Violin/Viola: Sharon Hubbocks (The Lass) Brixham

Double Bass: Annabel Hope (The Seeress) - Exeter

Other members:

Viola: Nicola Smith - (The Mad Hatter) - Devon

Viola: Flo Farquharson (The Explorer) - Exeter

Cello: Richard Douglas (The Time Traveler) - Oxford

Cello: Gregory Voyster (The Butler) - Totnes

Violin: Phillip Bennet (The Professor) - Kent

Violin: Ayesha Ichsan (The Scientist) - Exeter

Violin: Michael Brailey (The Toff) - Crediton

Violin: Ben Jackman (The Rogue) - Exeter

Violin: Rebecca Willson (The Governess) - Exeter

How was the band formed?

The Rake, having left the previous band he'd been in for years, heard that his old band had dropped a set of lyrics he'd written for one of their tunes. He started hearing it with strings behind it, played in waltz time. Chatting with The Rose and The Reverend, who were living in The Captain's Attic at the time, they decided to try writing it for strings, initially just as a synthesized recording. The discovery of The Obligato String Quartet (and friends) and their happiness to get involved meant that soon we w
ere producing music for a live band, and able to perform it!


What were the ambitions of the band when you started?

To maybe build an online following and have fun writing beautiful songs. Then we started gigging...


Could you explain your music to someone that haven't heard you?

Hell no! Sort of Classical/Music Hall crossover...


What's good/bad with the band?/What genre do you feel you are?

What's not good with the band? It's different. It's experimental while still being catchy. There is nothing bad. It's just that there are too many small stages in the world.

What genre are we? Um. I don't know. Neo-Victorian? Is that a thing?


Why did you pick that particular style?/What are your songs about?

We wanted to create a take on Steampunk that could be authentically 19th Century. The guitar was too much of an instrument of the 20th Century, as was Blues, Jazz etc. We wanted to write Victorian music today.

Our songs are many and varied. Some songs, like Seduction By Moonlight and Crystal Sunsets are just romantic, poetic lyrics set to suitably romantic music. Isambard Kingdom Brunel celebrates the life and works of one of the 19th Century's most iconic engineers. Steampunk Marches Nos. 1 & 2 try to capture the spirit of Steampunk. Other songs, like Cheese (In Horto) are just fun ideas we played with.

Our style is born from the crossover inherent in our line up, and especially our songwriting team. The Rake is a poet and lyricist, fascinated by the beauty of classical music after years of Blues and Rock, while The Rose is effectively a 'classical punk', enjoying the freedom of the style to play with her classical training and understanding of musical theory to push boundaries and put an unorthodox twist on Victorian music, trying to challenge the listener with the familiar.


What year was the band started?

Technically, The Reverend, The Rose and The Rake started writing Seduction By Moonlight in September 2012 as The CEP, although 0ur first Ensemble gig wasn't until December 2013.


Describe your show, visually and musically.

8 people on a stage in beautiful clothes, with beautiful instruments playing beautiful, catchy and fun music. We have fun, we encourage audience participation, from singing along to joining in a march, and we hope our audience have fun. We make no apologies for you having our songs stuck in your head for days to come...

In the beginning there was just The Rake, The Rose and The Rev creating beautiful music and videos in The Captains Attic.

Here are the very first synthesized recordings ever produced by The Copperfield Ensemble Project from late 2012 to mid 2013



 Steampunk March No1 (Dub March Mix)

 Steampunk March No2 (Dub Trooper Mix)

 The Sun Never Sets On The Empire (Dub Mix)

Seduction by Moonlight (Steampunk Sister Mix)
Seduction by Moonlight (Industry Dub Mix)

The Sun Never Sets ... (First Rehearsal Jan 2013)